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Maytag Heating and Cooling Products are warranted by NORDYNE LLC. Please read the following if your product was manufactured before September 1, 2009 as warranty policies prior to this period are warranted as an insured policy through Assurant.

Warranty coverage outlined in the following paragraphs assumes that all other warranty requirements are met, such as appropriate installation and application of the product as well as routine maintenance. Proof of purchase may be required and/or proof of maintenance to verify coverage term.

  • For M1200 and M120 Series. Product warranty coverage is 5 Year Limited Parts. However, if the product was registered within 60 days of purchase, your warranty coverage is 12 Years Limited Parts from date of installation. However, please note that warranty claim administration will vary depending on the following:

    If the product was manufactured on or AFTER September 1, 2009, your warranty policy claims for product warranty are administered by NORDYNE, the official licensed manufacturer of Maytag Central Heating and Cooling products.

    If the product was manufactured BEFORE September 1, 2009, warranty policy claims for product warranties issued during this period are administered by Assurant, owner of the insured policy.
  • For M1010, M1000 and M1000S Series. These products included a 10 year warranty, starting from the date of purchase with no registration requirement. M1010 products also included labor protection as part of the original agreement, while M1000 and M1000S products were shipped with parts only protection. Claims for all product warranties in this model series are owned and administered by Assurant.

    If you do not have your original documentation, or want to verify policy administration, then please call Maytag HVAC customer service at 1-866-2-MAYTAG (1-866-262-9824) to verify coverage. We CANNOT verify coverage on Maytag appliances, window or room air conditioning. Please click here for other Maytag customer service numbers.

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